LKQ Coatings are distributors for all elading brands of automotive paints and coatings.
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As a stockist for all the principle brands of consumables, LKQ Coatings can provide everything a repairer may need for their bodyshop or workshop.

Sikkens logo.

Sikkens has been a world leader in car refinishing for over 100 years. Sikkens is part of AkzoNobel, the world's number one coatings manufacturer. They offer the finest products on the market as well as services, training and support: a powerful formula for perfect results and high bodyshop profitability.

PPG logo.

With two out of every three cars manufactured in North America and Europe using PPG technology, it is clear where its strengths lie. With PPG you can expect to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements for gloss, durability, ease of use and compliance with European legislation.

NexaAutocolor logo.

As the largest manufacturer of paint in the UK and part of the massive PPG Industries organisation, Nexa Autocolor is well placed to satisfy the needs of the progressive modern-day bodyshop. From the launch of the first waterborne refinish basecoat in the world, Aquabase, in August 1992, the Nexa brand has remained at the forefront of technological advance.

Standox logo.

Standox has a loyal brand following in the UK, building its relationships around premium product quality and practical service and support. By working closely with the automotive industry, Standox has achieved a significant number of approvals from all leading automotive manufacturers. This makes Standox an ideal partner for professional independent and franchised bodyshops.

SpiesHecker logo.

Spies Hecker is the world's leading supplier of paint products for car, commercial vehicle and industrial finishing. The company began developing paints in 1882, and from the outset, Spies Hecker built its reputation on the high quality of its products. Now, with over 100 years of experience, Spies Hecker is the number one name for car paints and regarded as a benchmark in vehicle refinishing. In the United Kingdom, Spies Hecker enjoys an excellent and long-standing relationship with its customers and the auto industry at large.

Glasurit logo.

Glasurit Automotive Refinish is approved by most of the leading automakers for aftermarket repair worldwide and chosen by them for its colour expertise. Apart from state-of-the-art products and colour tools Glasurit offers a wide range of services designed to increase efficiency and expand business fields.

R-M logo.

R-M, as part of the BASF chemical company, has always manufactured products that are of the highest technical standard. The R-M offer is made up of its products, colour measurement, services and training. The launch of its Colormaster system was ground breaking in that it used actual paint rather than the printed samples of its competitors' colour systems.

MaxMeyer logo.

Over the last 100 years, MaxMeyer has evolved to become one of the world’s leading refinish brands. MaxMeyer's original philosophy is to improve customers’ work processes via the delivery of high performance, user-friendly products.

Lesonal logo.

A compact but comprehensive system. Lesonal offers a range of products designed for all normal types of vehicle refinish work. From degreaser and body filler through to primer filler and topcoat, Lesonal has the right product for every stage in the refinish process. Furthermore, a compact range of ancillaries enables the Lesonal system to be used in a wide range of application and drying conditions.

Standox logo.

The Octoral brand is part of the Valspar Corporation, one of the world's largest paint manufacturers, based in the US with over 80 production sites and 9,500 employees worldwide. Octoral delivers technology geared to your needs, including water-borne, conventional and industrial systems all delivered through an environmentally sound approach. Service and support without any fuss, we strive for intensive and flexible co-operation with our customers. Quality and efficiency combined with the business acumen of both distributor and end-user result in higher profits and improved customer satisfaction.